9 Unique Engagement Rings You Need to See

Is it just me, or does the demand for unique engagement rings seem to have skyrocketed? It can’t be just me! I’m basing my statement on the trifecta of observational evidence: (1) literally everyone I know is getting engaged and married, (2) I spend more time than should be legal ogling beautiful engagement rings online, and (3) working for Raymond Lee Jewelers & Diamonds by Raymond Lee grants me front-row access to the best trends in engagement rings. This isn’t my imagination people, more and more brides are requesting unique engagement rings.

And why? It’s not like brides throughout history have desperately pined after a ring that looks exactly like every other on her block. I mean, I’ve fielded my fair share of “that, I want exactly that” whispered furtively in a mimosa-enhanced stage whisper as a fellow bruncher walks past our table. But for the most part, there’s a caveat – “I want just that BUT in rose gold/without diamonds on the band/with a cushion cut/without a halo/with a split shank, etc.” And even still, I hear increasingly often “I see that ring everywhere, I want something different.” Again, that’s a result of my nearly perpetual exposure to brides-to-be-to-be, but it’s a big enough trend that I’ve noticed. And, again, why?

Information overload. We see more rings than ever before thanks to the amazing work that jewelers and jewelry-lovers are doing online. I know so many of my pre-engaged girlfriends follow nearly as many jewelers and jewelry bloggers as I do. Gathering inspiration for your dream ring is important, don’t get me wrong, but that’s also where you can get the impression that “this ring is literally everywhere.” Even when it’s actually a beautiful, unique design that will be even more unique once fitted with your perfect center stone.

ANYWAY – the demand for unique engagement rings is there, even if  little over-stressed. What’s most important is getting a ring that you love, no matter what it looks like. And if that means you want something truly different, then I’ve got your unique engagement rings right here, lady. 9 of ’em.


This bevy of East-West set A. Jaffe engagement rings stands out in the solitaire crowd.2

One excellent way to get a unique look is to look to the past – but first make sure you know what you need to about vintage engagement rings and antique engagement rings. This vintage pear shape is a perfect option, especially when paired with a sleek rose gold wedding band.4

A wedding band is an excellent way to make your ring stand out, no matter what the style of your engagement ring. BUT an unusual shape doesn’t hurt. This engagement ring is actually very classic, a stunning, juicy marquise that’s traditionally set with tapered baguettes in platinum. Pairing it with this super dramatic deep v wedding band gives it an awesome effect.5

Simon G. always nails unique. They use patterns, texture and color in an unexpected way, but the result is still glamorous. This wavy two tone solitaire is no exception.6

Another antique option that definitely stands out in a crowd.7

Think a halo is a dime a dozen? Think again! This intricate, diamond studded work of rose gold scrolls gives this halo a unique base.9

A floral engagement ring always stands out, and this Verragio Couture setting proves it.17799267_1607292579285630_3447207837157964340_n (1)

This Gabriel & Co setting is antique style – not actually antique – but the distinct shape of the shanks makes it really fresh. I love it paired with this sculpted, more modern wedding band.18342616_1648366985178189_3687932827628537348_n

Finally, we have to talk about this pretty little Dantela setting from Tacori. Anyone who glances at it would agree it’s pretty traditional. Small, inset diamonds on the band, a delicate fringe of diamond lace just peeking out from under the center diamond, platinum. But what makes it stand out is the pear shaped center stone. If your style tends toward the classic, but you still want something out of the ordinary (without getting too alternative) one of the best options you have is choosing a fancy shape diamond. ESPECIALLY a pear shape. Stepping outside the round brilliant arena, and even straying from princess and cushion cuts, automatically gives you a ring that doesn’t look like Everyone Else’s.

If these aren’t doing it for you, I’ve still got options. Check out the rings on DBRL – particularly Gabriel & Simon G. But if you really want something different – not just unique – then be sure to check out our board of alternative engagement rings on Pinterest. Happy shopping!


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