The Velvet Engagement Ring Box: 21 Pins That Prove You Need One

Do you need a velvet engagement ring box? Yes, absolutely. In fact, the odds are looking more and more probable that you need at least two. Or one for every color in your wedding palette. Or maybe one for every day of the week. Or maybe enough that you can rotate them on your nightstand to coordinate with your mood. That should do the trick.

The velvet engagement ring box first debuted a few years ago 2014. Wait, that’s wrong. The velvet ring box is older than any of us here on the good ship WordPress. The modern version – the Mrs. Box – debuted then. A love of color married an enchantment with antique romance, and so these confectionary velvet boxes were born. Handmade with limited edition velvet, the petit-four like boxes started cropping up in flat lays the world-of-engagement-rings Instagram over. And we were all obsessed (right? Right.)

Velvet Engagement Ring Box

The beautiful velvet engagement ring box started appearing with gorgeous antique engagement rings and modern rocks alike, starring alongside impossibly beautiful flowers (and photographed by the likes of Jose Villa so, you know, they’re impossible to look bad.) Thus began my campaign of whining at Lee to please please please buy the styling collection. It’s been unsuccessful so far. Please feel free to tweet your displeasure. But with names fit for Victorian hipster children or Jane Austen estates, there’s no way to choose just one box. Really, we need the styling collection at DBRL & RLJ.

So my obsession with the velvet engagement ring box began with The Mrs. Box. And a few weeks ago it was renewed, because now there’s another source for gorgeous velvet ring boxes to choose from! If you follow Gem Hunt on Instagram (and you should) you know I’m talking about The Secret Keeper Box. Handmade in Ukraine and at a similar price point to The Mrs. Box ($60 vs. $75), they look just as stunning in pics. And they come in different shapes and sizes (helloooo octagon!) And in velvet perfectly matched to Pantone colors! So if one artisan doesn’t have the exact precise shade of blush you want, odds are good the other will.

But enough chit chat. I’m prepared to demonstrate my claim with photographic evidence. Here’s why you literally need a velvet engagement ring box.


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