/Vote Now for JCK’s Jewelers Choice Awards

Vote Now for JCK’s Jewelers Choice Awards

JCK has opened the polls for their annual Jewelers’ Choice Awards, and it’s got all of the delicious jewels we’d normally see on the red carpet, without the schmaltzy 4 hour presentation – the best of both worlds. Pages upon pages of gorgeous jewels compete across several categories with varying price ranges. Raymond Lee Jewelers just finished casting our votes, and we compiled the stunning jewelry from each category below – head over to JCK’s page to vote now!

Best Bracelet Design Under $2500

Best Bracelet Design, $2501 – $10000

Best Bracelet Design Over $10000

Best Bridal Design Under $2500

Best Bridal Design, $2501 – $5000

Best Bridal Design, $5001 – $10000

Best Bridal Design Over $10000

Best Earring Design Under $2500

Best Earring Design, $2501 – $10000

Best Earring Design Over $10000

Best Necklace Design Under $2500

Best Necklace Design, $2501 – $10000

Best Necklace Design Over $10000

Best Price Point Under $500

Best Price Point, $501 – $1000

Best Ring Design Under $2500

Best Ring Design, $2501 – $10000

Best Ring Design Over $10000

Best Colored Diamond Jewelry Under $2500

Best Colored Diamond Jewelry, $2501 – $10000

Don’t forget to cast your vote – who are your picks in each category, readers?

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