/Wedding Wednesday: Simply Radiant

Wedding Wednesday: Simply Radiant

Good Morning, readers and happy #WW! Don’t you look gorgeously glowing this morning? In fact, we’d say you look radiant. We’ve got radiant cut diamond engagement rings on the brain this morning, and we don’t see what’s not to love.

Radiant cut diamonds have the same sparkle and brilliance that rounds do, because their faceting is very similar (the cut is actually combined with a step-cut to create a uniquely sparkling diamond). A radiant cut diamond, however, is square or rectangular in shape with trimmed corners. This softer look allows it to pair nicely with baguettes, matching radiant side stones, round stones, or to simply stand on its own as a breathtaking solitaire. Below are some of our radiant cut diamond engagement rings, all of which are in the online showroom!


Wedding Wednesday: Simply Radiant
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