/Wedding Wednesday: The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer

Wedding Wednesday: The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer

Some couples have their wedding planned the moment the groom proposes, thanks to years of preemptive bridal arrangements by his intended. Others linger in the glow of a new engagement before delving into sometimes-stressful wedding planning. Others are at a complete loss as to where to start, what to do, when to set a date, etc. And a wedding planning professional can be a huge help and valuable asset to all three.

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Brides.com recently published an article discussing the finer points of choosing a wedding planning pro, and they highlight the differences between each type. Raymond Lee Jewelers is here with a quick peek for our newly engaged couples, soon-to-be blushing brides, and our readers who just adore weddings.

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Full Service Wedding Planner

He or she is your go-to for all things wedding. They will find your vendors and do all the negotiations to fit them into your budget using their long-term relationships (great for the haggling faint of heart). They can provide you with a detailed big day schedule, budget management and inspiration. When it comes to the nitty-gritty, they’ll coordinate guest accommodations, run your rehearsal, and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of your wedding.

Wedding Designer

If you’ve got it under control in the logistics department, but seek some guidance as to the aesthetic aspects of your wedding, then a wedding designer is likely your best bet. They will work with you to create a concept, theme, or palette that reflects your tastes. They can help you maximize your décor budget with creativity and vendor relationships, as well as work with your venue to create a fantastic floor plan and ensure proper execution on the big day.


Brides who’ve had their wedding practically planned with everything-save the groom- in place before a proposal will benefit from a day-of-planner. Don’t let the name fool you, these wedding pro’s begin their work with you long before the actual day of your wedding. Likely, they’ll meet with you a few months prior to your nuptials to cross your t’s and dot your I’s. Day-of pro’s finalize vendor contracts, helps you create timelines and floor plans, manage the rehearsal, and “oversee everything on your wedding day.”

Whichever professional you choose (or if you’ll do without during your wedding planning), Brides’ guide explains what type of bride, and what type of wedding-day-vision, is the best fit for each pro. You can read the full break down here.

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