/Woman Took Boyfriend’s Daughter’s Jewelry: Raymond Lee Jewelers

Woman Took Boyfriend’s Daughter’s Jewelry: Raymond Lee Jewelers

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A Woman in New Jersey has been accused of stealing her boyfriend’s daughter’s jewelry. She pawned the jewelry and received about $9,000! There were fourteen pieces of jewelry stolen. She did this after her boyfriend and her got into an argument. The local sheriff’s office contacted her a few months later to find out she’s upset about what she did. She says she reacted poorly to the situation. Detectives have tried to recover the pawned jewelry, but it has already been sent off and melted.

This is a terrible story and should not have happened. If you have jewelry you bought, or that you own, that you would like to sell, come into Raymond Lee Jewelers for a price to sell! Raymond Lee Jewelers buys and sells jewelry, but you must be the owner of the jewelry. This is so that there is no trouble with anyone.

By: Jaimee at Raymond Lee Jewelers