/World’s Largest Coin Sells For $4 Million in Austria

World’s Largest Coin Sells For $4 Million in Austria

What weighs 220-pounds, is made from the purest 999.99/1000 gold, and sells for $4 million? The world’s largest coin.

The coin bears a large image of Queen Elizabeth II on one side, while the other side has three maple leaves. Originally on loan to the “Munzkabinett” of the Kunthistorisches Museum in Vienna, which houses one of the world’s largest coin collections.

Aside from the coin’s enormous size, what was responsible for such a high sales value? The rocketing price of gold  ($1162 / oz as of 7/28/10). The face value of this coin is worth “only” $960,000, but gold’s market value has increased the worth of this coin to up to $4 million. The patron responsible for paying this hefty value was Oro Direct, a Spanish precious metal trading company.

By Raymond Lee Jewelers.

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