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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Before I started working at Raymond Lee Jewelers, I knew exactly what kind of engagement ring I wanted. It was a round brilliant halo with a plain platinum band set in an invisible gallery (floating style) setting. I was specific, I know. But banner ads back then were really effective on impressionable young diamond-lovers.

Fast forward to me, strolling through the showcases at RLJ daily, like I was Belle in the library, marveling at the sheer variety of diamonds. Friendos, I literally didn’t know all those different shapes – let alone colors – existed.

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So many shapes!

So when oval diamonds stole my heart first, and yellow diamonds shortly thereafter, my head was still kind of spinning. Would I abandon the round diamond I’d thought I wanted for so many years? And what about that halo I was obsessed with? Why was my heart yearning for a three stone cathedral setting? Who even was I anymore? I needed to figure it out fast, because my now-husband was asking pointed questions about my tastes.

Once I got over my existential engagement ring crisis and realized that I really did love ovals and fancy yellow diamonds, the worry set in. Sure I love them now, but would I get tired of the yellow diamonds? It’s been 6 years and I can say enthusiastically that I am soooo not tired of them (which you know if you hang around here often!)

My friends who adore yellow gold engagement rings ask themselves the same question though: do I love this just for now or does it have the staying power to make me happy in 10, 20, 30 years? Obviously only you can answer that question, but my advice is not to worry about the trendiness of something. If you love it, you love it, and odds are good your obsession will only grow along with the sentimental value of your engagement ring.

Oh, and my two friends (out of the 1,837 that got married last year) that did get gold engagement rings? Love them more and more every day.

So I want to show off a few of my favorite yellow gold engagement rings today. They don’t get that much air time on the RLJ & DBRL social media channels, but trust it’s not because we don’t love them. We just get most of our designers’ samples in white gold as a default. They all have the option of customization in yellow gold, and most of them in rose gold too. I also want to demonstrate a few mixed-metal stacks because that’s usually one of the biggest concerns I hear about yellow gold engagement rings – do you have to get a yellow gold band too?

No! You can get whatever style or color band you like, and more than one. You can add to your rings over time to build a layered look, or start your I Do’s with sandwiching bands. And you can mix metals to your heart’s content, which makes it so easy to tie in a new engagement ring with your existing jewelry collection.

Ok, let’s check out the goods. Take my arm and skip with me down the yellow gold engagement ring road?

Yellow gold engagement rings
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See how great a mix and match stack is?

Yellow gold engagement rings
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I actually can’t get enough of Tacori Gold.

Yellow gold engagement rings
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This floral halo makes multiple appearances (again, we don’t get that many models in gold – but they all come in gold.) We paired it with its twin gold wedding ring.

Yellow gold engagement rings
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Finally, this RoyalT halo never fails to take my breath away. It’s ready and waiting for your extra large diamond to complete the look!

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