/5 Reasons NOT to Get a Halo Engagement Ring

5 Reasons NOT to Get a Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings are, no doubt, the hottest engagement ring trend in recent memory. Brides the world over love their glamorous sparkle, their diamond-magnifying optical illusion, and the modern fairytale edge they bring to any ring. So who wouldn’t want a halo? Well, just like there are near infinite engagement ring styles, there are near infinite brides – with differing tastes to match. And, believe it or not, there is a growing group of women who say no to the halo. Of course, your ring is your own taste (as long as your boyfriend is good at picking up hints) and you should #hinthint away at whatever tugs your heart strings. But, in case you’re on the fence, here are 5 reasons NOT to get a halo engagement ring.

1. You like a timeless look

Oval solitaire engagement ring by Tiffany & Co.

No doubt about it, the halo is trendy with a capital T. However, the backlash is real – a halo ring smacks of a very distinct point in wedding-history. Like the marquise and princess cut diamond trends before it, the halo engagement ring will forever be tied to a certain era. This may not bother some brides, but others want a ring that will never age, and one that won’t ever reveal theirs ever, you feel me? A halo engagement ring might just be a dead giveaway that you were within 10 years of 25 from 2007-2020. Which, obviously, is a non-factor for others – but to each their own!

2. Your diamond (or suspected diamond) is a ROCK

Twisted shank or single shank engagement ring?

Perhaps you have a family diamond, or your intended has repeatedly mentioned his desire to get you a diamond so big you’ll be walking lopsided to the left after he proposes. First of all, congratulations! I’m jealous. Second of all, you may not want to bother with a halo that might a. detract from the beauty of your large and in charge diamond or b. take your ring from head turning to tacky real quick. Nothing screams “former Real Houswife of OC” like a ring that is just. too. much.

3. Or It’s just the opposite

Verragio solitaire engagement ring

Maybe your diamond is of more modest proportions. And maybe then you still want to roll with the less is more approach. Again, you don’t want the halo to take away from the simple, chic beauty of your solitaire or three stone classic beauty. And you’d never want to appear like you’re – ahem – overcompensating.

4. You never want to update. Ever.

Verragio solitaire engagement ring

Many women have no problem updating and upgrading their wedding sets 20, 10 or 3 years down the line. It’s a matter of personal preference; maybe you were young & in love when you first said I do, and the years have been kind to your bank account – it’s time to finally get that engagement ring you never needed, but always wanted. Maybe you’re a firsthand witness to the fact that diamonds get smaller with age and hey, time for a trade & upgrade. Maybe you have one of the aforementioned marquise diamonds and you want to update it to something more current. All are just some of the reasons ladies swap and update their rings. But if you’re the sentimental type, if you want to wear this ring until The End – a halo might not be the best option. Again, it’s trendy, so your taste may evolve away from this sparkling look. But also, many halo rings are designed with pave and micropave diamonds – a style that needs upkeep over the years. Those who prefer a style with larger, more concrete prongs, shy away from halo’s for this reason.

5. You don’t want a notched wedding band

Verragio twisted engagement ring and wedding band set

Halo rings often won’t work with any old wedding band. Some designs require a matching set from the same designer (Verragio comes to mind here) But almost all of them dip below the usual place where a wedding band would fit snugly against an engagement ring. If you want to wear your wedding band without your engagement ring (to the gym, certain jobs, around the house, etc.) this may not be the option for you.

Again, these are just some considerations for those who may not want a halo ring – there are plenty of brides who ADORE their halo rings, and plenty of reasons why halo engagement rings rock!

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