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All About Designers & Diamonds

Welcome! You’re likely here because you need to know how to properly size yourself for a Love bangle or spot a fake Rolex Presidential or to learn more about a Canadian couple charged with fraud that is inexplicably one of the highest traffic earners on this site.

Thank you for sticking around and clicking around. But things have changed ’round these parts.

 This blog started out as the official blog for Raymond Lee Jewelers, the amazing, sparkly estate jeweler that employs me. But then we got a fancy new website and moved our official blog to our official homepage, and this blog went through a quarter-life crisis trying to figure out who it really was. It took a year off to backpack through the Himalayas, achieved enlightenment, and finally knows what it wants out of life. It’s now the account of the fabulous life of an industry insider (moi).

Since then, it even had a baby! Kind of. RLJ gave birth to our beautiful new store Diamonds by Raymond Lee. It’s the result of 30 years of hard work by the Josephson family, and it’s now South Florida’s engagement ring destination. Nice, right?

So I post about goodies from both stores now.

If the word amazeballs turns you off, please avert your eyes (or visit me at RLJ’s Official Blog where I try to maintain some semblance of professionalism and won’t showcase the Rick Ross medallions and chains my boss likes to buy). However if rudimentary Photoshop and endless discussions of how to maximize your diamond budget are your thing, we’ll get along just fine.