/Bridesmaid Dress Guide

Bridesmaid Dress Guide

This week, I’m all about those ‘maids. Yes that was a dated Maegan Trainor reference and no I don’t even like that song. But we can all agree on its pervasiveness and move on to the subject at hand: bridesmaids! It’s springtime, which means one thing- wedding season is just getting started. You can block off every Saturday on your iCal, and a few Sunday afternoons just to be safe. You should buy stock in Men’s Warehouse. And you will have plenty of opportunities to practice the fine art of dancing to Don’t Stop Believin’. Just be sure to add #weddingSzN to it all so I can stalk you, kay? But if you’re excited about being a guest, just imagine how excited the bridesmaids are. This season is a culmination of months, possibly even years, of secret Pinterest boards, wine-fueled crafting, high stakes peace talks resulting from over programming of said crafting, and helping their best friend plan THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF HER LIFE (be sure to tally up how many times your bride says that phrase, if you’re just getting started 😉

More importantly, the day now approaches when they shall don their perfectly broken-in Badgley Mischka’s, pray that the makeup artist won’t give them the Barnum & Bailey Special, swoon over their bouquet, and put on…their bridesmaids dresses. This dress is either excellent or horrible, there has never been nor ever shall be, any in between. It is either fuchsia taffeta with a full crinoline ball gown skirt, or literally Holly Golightly’s LBD. It either cost them 18 months’ rent or forest animals snuck into the bridal suite that morning and sewed each woman’s dress onto her body, perfectly tailored and pressed fo’ free. It was either the most fun shopping excursion ever, replete with celebratory champagne and everyone fitting into in-stock dresses one size smaller than they usually are, or it was that gray November Day none of you shall ever speak of again. Bridesmaids dresses can go really, really wrong, or you can get it magnificently right.

And like most of the billion parts of planning a wedding, it’s all up to the bride. Unless you just want to pick a color then tell your gals to go grab a dress they love that looks great on them in said color (God Bless You), you need to put a little thought into this decision. Because as much as you may love those convertible jersey dresses (like I did, and do), at least one of your bridesmaids is/will be shuddering at their $300 price tag and complete inability to conceal a bra OR wrangle anything larger than a b cup (like I did, and do.) Where to start? Right here. The dress, which is numero uno when it comes to word association. So pour yourself a mimosa, put on some Bruno Mars, and let’s go bridesmaiding together!

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