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Gabriel & Co Wedding Bands

In addition to Engagement Rings, Gabriel & Co has created a Wedding Band collection that come in a variety of styles, making it easy to alter specific elements to create a timeless piece special to you. Inspired by the love for life, elegance, value of beauty and appreciating life’s precious moments led Gabriel & Co to create their wedding band collection. Well known in the Wedding Band collection is the Ring Jacket design. Just like it sounds, this wedding band leaves a cozy spot for your Gabriel & Co Engagement Ring to fit into. For a more classic touch, the eternity bands are perfected from every angle to capture your brilliant diamonds. Looking for a twist? They have even designed a curved style, to give your diamonds that extra flare of sparkle. If that isn’t enough for you Gabriel and Company have created a line of fancy wedding bands for those of you who want that extra something. With hundreds of designs and styles available to you, finding the perfect symbol of your love will be made easy. Shop more Gabriel & Co. engagement rings.

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