How to Make Your Engagement Ring Look More Expensive


Hello, gorgeous! Long time no speak, right? If you’ve noticed how quiet it’s been here and on the Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog, a) I love you and b) I owe you an explanation!

How to Make Your Engagement Ring Look More Expensive

I’ve been diligently working on some projects for our overall sites. I put new posting on the back burner to focus on some back-to-basics projects that explain the difference between our two beautiful stores and what it is we do at both of them. I had some fun posts lined up for the fall, but then LIFE happened. The best laid plans of jewelry bloggers, right?

This isn’t entirely a “sorry I’ve been so MIA” post, it’s also an air-kiss on both cheeks “goodbye for now.” I really just wanted a closer look at your earrings, but I do also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the readers of Designers & Diamonds who’ve grown with this blog, and with me, over the last 6 years. There is no dreamier dream job than writing about beautiful jewelry all day, and I’ve been so, so #blessed by my RLJ family and you readers to do it.

It’s time for a new blogger/influencer to shine the light through their loupe, and I’m ready to pass my Russian Gold & amethyst antique tiara (and matching necklace) on to the next lucky, talented person who will join the RLJ & DBRL family. This blog was my baby for the last 6 years, but I’m leaving to take care of my (human) children now. And I want to leave Designers & Diamonds in the best bejeweled hands out there.

This blog – and my bosses – let me flex my creative muscles every day. It challenged me to continue learning, it opened up a world of exciting, inspiring women who are changing the jewelry industry with powerful force. It taught me (like last week) that I’ve been punctuating my parentheses wrong since my creative writing 201 course TA got spicy with his editing. It taught me that writing every.damn.day. is the only way through writer’s block. It taught me that there is so, so much more to blogging than the lovely images you see on Pinterest and Instagram. It let me do what I love every day, and made me totally unsympathetic to the Sunday Scaries. Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life, just like Abe Lincoln/Marc Twain/Marc Anthony (the singer) said.

But a huge part of what made this job the dream job is the people I work for and with. When you work for a family business, you don’t always feel like you’re part of the family. But with Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee, that feeling extends from our bosses, to the employees, and to our clientele. I got to work alongside, learn from, and enjoy some of the most amazing people in the jewelry business thanks to this job. I can’t describe how incredible of an experience the last 6 years have been, and that’s thanks to my bosses and co-workers.

So…someone has to step into these shoes. They’re surprisingly comfortable and very, very expensive. The position is for a full-time, in-house social media influencer and blogger. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I cannot wait to meet you, whoever you are. Trust me, I won’t be able to stay too far away from the diamonds. We need each other. Especially her.

If you know the jewelry world needs your voice, if you’re passionate and excited about the ever-changing world of online marketing, if you know and love great innovation when you see it, if you’re ready to grow and learn more than you thought you ever could, and if you want to make a living playing dress up in diamonds, then this might just be your dream job too. Please send inquiries to info@diamondsbyraymondlee.net for more details, call, DM, or stop by the store (you’ll never want to leave).

I have so loved writing here, and on the RLJ blog, my friends. I’ll pop back in to visit in the future, but until then, remember to clean your rings and look for diamonds with good spread. Remember me at my best, yelling at Ryan Seacrest to ask actresses who designed their jewelry on Oscar night. And let’s all look forward to the next chapter of the Designers & Diamonds and Raymond Lee Jewelers blogs!

I'm the marketing director for Raymond Lee Jewelers, the voice behind Designers & Diamonds, and the crazy woman obsessively live Tweeting the lack of jewelry coverage at red carpet events.