/A Dozen Questions with DD: Chris Mulloy Antiques

A Dozen Questions with DD: Chris Mulloy Antiques

We continue on the epic adventure that is a Dozen Questions with Designers and Diamonds. Today, Chris of Chris Mulloy Antiques takes the time to chat with me about all things sparkling and fabulous. Please ignore my cackle at the end, and just be grateful I didn’t snort.

Chris Mulloy antiques is based out of Palm Springs, California, and regularly shows off some of the best vintage estate and antique designer jewelry at Antiques shows. Chris has been in business for 23 years and divides his attention between luxury watches and stunning vintage and antique jewelry. The case at the Baltimore show was a treasure trove of Art Nouveau and Art Deco pieces arranged to drop jaws. Massive gemstones, plenty of huge, high quality diamonds, and enough kitschy retro pieces popped in among the rows and rows of signed estate pieces. It’s no surprise that this colorful booth commands a lot of attention – Chris has an eye for spotting just the right mix (you’ll hear his personal philosophy for buying preferences in the video below!)