/#Engaged Around The World!
Engaged Around The World

#Engaged Around The World!

If you didn’t post it on Instagram, did it even happen? Forget about stories now coming to literally anything with a screen in 2017, the buzz is all about making things officially #official – thanks to the good looking geniuses at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

We conducted a super scientific study (you’re welcome) and got down to the facts about #engagement on Instagram. And we aren’t talking about how many likes and comments you get on each post. We’re talking about what really matters here at Designers & Diamonds… diamonds.

DBRL scoured literally all of Instagram, the whole thing, to bring you cold hard stats on:
-The best ring selfie
-A viral quality “JUST SAID YES”
-The most jealousy-inducing geotags
-Whether you should post immediately after you slip the ring on, or wait for your followers to start throwing you double taps
-Which state you should move to to get the most likes on your post

I’m kidding. We don’t intend for this info to be abused or perpetuate THE WORST thing. What we do want is to share these fun facts about amazing engagements around the world. And we definitely don’t want you to wait until the most poppin’ time to post – especially me. I need to see the ring, like now. I’m obsessed with the way all this data is laid out, and I totally get it if you are too. So we can share, but only if you abide by the playground rules, ok? You gotta link to the original source ppl. Not my blog post, but this page, right here. Give credit where it’s due (then let’s go on Insta together and leave heart-eye emoji on all these hashtags.)

Engaged Around The World

No surprises here: simple and straightforward hashtags win out. And, of course, the obligatory tribute to Beyonce.

Engaged Around The World

This did surprise me! I thought Florida would be higher on the list, especially considering…

Engaged Around The World

We’re the only other state with multiple cities on the hot geotag list. Also, dayum California.

Engaged Around The World

And when we open it up globally, Florida still makes the list, thanks to our Disney engagements (which I endorse and have thoughts about, naturally.) Actually, The Mouse calls dibs on two hot proposal destinations around the world.

Engaged Around The World

Enough about where. When? Engagement season is real ya’ll.

Engaged Around The World

Finally, consider me gobsmacked. Across all of our brands’ world famous IG accounts, one filter reigns supreme: #NoFilter. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against Clarendon, but this stat definitely surprised me!

Wanna see the rest of our discoveries? Head over to DBRL now to learn all about getting engaged around the world.

I'm the marketing director for Raymond Lee Jewelers, the voice behind Designers & Diamonds, and the crazy woman obsessively live Tweeting the lack of jewelry coverage at red carpet events.