/Fake Rolex Sea Dweller: See How it Stacks up to a Genuine – Raymond Lee Jewelers Web Series

Fake Rolex Sea Dweller: See How it Stacks up to a Genuine – Raymond Lee Jewelers Web Series

Welcome back to our weekly web series! If you recall, Jeff and Lee traveled overseas last month to visit Hong Kong for the Jewellery & Gem Fair. During the duration of their trip, our VP Lee used our tips on How to Spot a Fake Rolex for an unexpected purpose – he picked up one seriously good knock off.

This imposter was masquerading as a Sea Dweller, and doing a very good job at it. Small details on a genuine Rolex make an appearance on this fake, but not with the same precision and perfection that a genuine Rolex Sea Dweller employs. Check out our video below, as we highlight some of the important differences between this great pretender and the real deal.

The real Sea Dweller’s case ring (left) is more conical, and it also has a more matte finish than the fake’s. The other part of the case backing on the real Sea Dweller is darker, more of a charcoal color, and again matte, whereas the fake’s case back is shinier and has more of a gunmetal finish.
Notice the 2 part red reversing wheel on the genuine Sea Dweller (left). You can also see how intricate the movement of the Rolex is, where the fake's is roughly hewn.
The serial number engraved on the genuine Rolex's inner bezel
The fake's serial number remains on the side of the case.
Note the differences between the numbers on the genuine Sea Dweller's bezel (left) and the fake's.
Bracelet and clasp thickness, with the genuine Rolex on the left.
The fake's diver's extension (right) still operates, which is a nice touch, but it still isn't identical to the genuine Rolex's.
PJ5, on the genuine, with PJ3 on the fake (right). Also, note the genuine Rolex's darker, sharper and cleaner engraving.
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