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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are You?

I’m the social media director for Raymond Lee Jewelers, in Boca Raton. I enjoy wine, trashy television, combining both with Twitter, using run on sentences, and academic anthropologic-style celebrity gossip. I split my time between warm, sunny Boca Raton and the arctic tundra of Chicago.

Can you Authenticate my Cartier Bangle?


Can you tell me how much a 2 carat diamond costs?

No. But I can show you what several look like.

What does this nonsensical word, phrase or acronym mean?

  • Bubbie’s/Bubeh’s case: Depending on how I feel like spelling it that day. Bubbie is Yiddish for a grandmother, or grandmotherly woman you love. As a rule, she has the very best jewelry box you could ever imagine, and would always indulge you by letting you play dress up as a child; The back case in the Raymond Lee Jewelers showroom, quite literally exploding with all manner of vintage and estate jewelry that could have come from Bubbie’s trip to a bazaar, or her honeymoon in Greece, or from a trip to Paris. Lots of coral, resin, turquoise, jade, and amazing cocktail rings.
  • BAD: Big a$$ diamond. See: Beyonce, Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston, This this and this.
  • Tumblr/Pinterest Black Hole: The source of an image that I can’t credit, even though I’ve looked through 12 pages of reverse image searches, because some fool posted it from the home page of a blog and not the individual post. Or worse, directly from Google image results. For the love of all that is good and right in this world, PLEASE PIN AND REBLOG FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE.
  • StudZzZ: The worst kind of Oscar jewelry, after “none.” Certain celebrities eschew real and fun jewelry for BAD’s in stud form. Please stylists, get your actresses some real jewelry. I will personally work something out with you, as long as it’s not Cobie Smulders or Lindsay Lohan. For very different reasons.
  • Stack: A jewelry phenomenon in which one piles on oodles and oodles of rings or bangles. It’s a good thing.
  • The Gram: A cool younger cousin told me this is what the kids call Instagram nowadays. Please tell me if they’re joking and I sound old.

Why are you so long winded?

I don’t KNOW. It started as soon as I was verbal, my Mother will tell you. It’s never stopped. I try to self edit. I try to use the Hemingway machine. I try to use simpler sentence construction. I fail.

Can I write you a guest post?

Not unless you’re really, really good. And can prove it (i.e. You have your own blog, you’re not schilling earplugs. No disrespect to all earplug salespeople.) So probably not.

Do you ramble anywhere else on the internet?

Besides the official RLJ blog, you can find me on InstagramFacebookPinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and We Heart It.