/Geek Jewelry That’s Cool on a Molecular Level

Geek Jewelry That’s Cool on a Molecular Level

Show off your inner Geek with Molecular Jewelry. The term geek has reversed meaning entirely within a generation, and somehow being smart or obsessed with something does not have the negative connotations it once did. Many people proudly proclaim to be “geeks”, and fashion is reflecting this new intelligence trend. From the periodic table of elements printed onto t-shirts, to jewelry that looks like tiny molecules it is clear that Smart is the new Black.

Mixee Labs Molecule jewelry
via Mixee Labs

Molecular jewelry is jewelry a 3-D molecular structure representing molecules ranging from serotonin, to caffeine, to chocolate, to dopamine or even something you come up with yourself. The jewelry is available in a single pendant or two identical Molecule Earrings. Your molecule piece is completely customizable in size and material used to make it. You can go with gold plated brass, sterling silver, stainless steel, or nylon plastic in any color you chose. The prices range from $12 for the nylon plastic up to $160 for precious metals.

Molecule Jewelry would make a great gift after passing chemistry finals. Or perhaps a certain molecule as special meaning and this piece could represent an inside joke. The point of Molecule Jewelry aside from the aesthetic appeal is the fact that it makes people think, and is a great conversation starter. Chances of anyone having a piece of this jewelry exactly alike or low. As a gift, this piece is a great way to reveal hidden feelings.

Meanings Of Some Options For Molecule Jewelry

  • Serotonin is associated with happiness and love great for new love.
  • Dopamine has to do with reward and pleasure centers in the brain, and is a great way to show someone you are addicted to them.
  • Adrenalin is action and reaction and a great symbol for the intelligent athlete.
  • Caffeine if you can not make it through your day with out it show some love.
  • Water is a great molecule set for a swimmer or surfer.
  • Sucrose if you want to show someone you think they are sweet.
  • Viagra we all know what this one says to the recipient great for an inside message between lovers.

As this trend of focusing on the small things progresses, it is easy to speculate about what is next. There are pieces of jewelry that resemble the DNA double helix and pieces that show atoms with electrons circling around, and elemental symbols are used to brand shows (Breaking Bad = Br Ba). Will we see the rise of microscopic pictures or things we enjoy? Under a microscope beach sand appears to be tiny gemstones, zinc oxide looks like a field of flowers, and household dust appear to be a colorful menagerie of whimsical items. Could a blown up microscopic image of your loved one’s dust make a lovely print for a baby doll t-shirt? Or a sand sample from your honeymoon of Saint Barts be turned into a canvas print or a design idea for your next gemstone jewelry piece. The possibilities are endless, and somehow getting down to the smallest level is the best way to show exactly who we really are with art.