/Gemstones and The Meanings Behind Them

Gemstones and The Meanings Behind Them

We know that diamonds symbolize true love but what do we know about other popular gemstones? Every gemstone known to man has been imbued with symbolic significance recognized by cultures around the world.

People love gemstones for many different reasons. They love the color, the cuts, and the clarity of them. But what many people don’t know is the meaning that lies behind each and every one of them. Every gemstone has a unique history that comes with it. From Greek mythology to the ancient Egyptians – there’s something to learn about every stone.

Below are the meanings behind some of the world’s most treasured gems:


Ancient Greeks associated the Amethyst gemstone with the wine God Bacchus and thought that it could prevent drunkenness because of its purple color. It’s also believed to provide people with a quick wittiness. This is the gemstone for the month of February.


The garnet gemstone has been deeply associated with clergy and nobility. The ancient Egyptians Pharaohs often wore red garnet necklaces. While over in Rome they wore red rings with carved garnets. 


Sapphire gems are the gemstones of September. The color blue has always been associated with fidelity which is what makes sapphire the perfect choice for an engagement ring.


Topaz is the gemstone associated with November. This is a gemstone that symbolizes love and fidelity. It’s said to have and bestow strength, perseverance, and intelligence on the person wearing it. 


Ruby is mostly associated with birthdays in July. And ancient Hindus believed that people who offered their rubies to God Krishna would be emperors in their next life. People of Indian culture believed that rubies provide safety and peace while Europeans believed they brought wealth and wisdom. 


Legend has it that if you place an emerald gemstone under your tongue it gives you the ability to see into the future. Not that we recommend doing that – it’s just an ancient myth. But it’s also been said that emeralds protect you against evil spirits and can help cure disease. 


The color opal has been known to exhibit many different colors within a single gemstone. It has been sought to possess supernatural powers and symbolized love and hope. Ancient Greeks believed that opals gave their owners the gift of prophecy and protected them from disease. Europeans considered the gemstone to be a unique symbolism of hope, purity, and truth. It’s the stone for October.


As the stone of August, the Egyptians thought that peridot protected them against horrible nightmares. In fact, it’s been said that some of Cleopatra’s most famous emerald gemstones were actually peridot for that reason.


Ah, the aquamarine gemstone. This gem is thought to provide you with courage, mental clarity, and good health. Since the name aqua is associated with water, the aquamarine gemstone is also believed to keep sailors safe and secure while they’re at sea. 


Turquoise is the birthstone of December. It’s been thought to display special powers from the Native Americans in the southwest who wore turquoise for protection and warding against the evil eye. 


A lot of people say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s really pearls! Years ago in ancient China pearls were thought to provide protection against fire while in Europe they were associated with chastity and purity. They are often associated with the month of June and retain their pure innocence today.


This gemstone is known as the “healing quartz.” Legend has it that the citrine gemstone promoted vitality and energy for whoever is wearing it. The Chinese feng shui philosophy states that citrine provides you with wealth and abundance.  


Zircon is one of the lesser known gemstones. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less meaningful. Old folk wisdom says that this gem holds the power to relieve pain, protect you from nightmares, and provide you with safe travels. During the middle ages, this gemstone was thought to help induce a good night sleep, guard you against evil spirits, and promote wealth, wisdom, and honor.

Final Thoughts

There ya have it, folks. Each gemstone and the meaning that lies behind it. Did you learn something new in this post today? Was there something you already knew? Or were you surprised to learn a few things about these gemstones? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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