/Graff Watches Go Ultra-Thin

Graff Watches Go Ultra-Thin

Graff is a brand synonymous with luxury, class and good taste. This world-class watchmaker and jeweler has debuted a re-designed, ultra-thin and efficient line of watches for 2013. This new product release is led by the MasterGraff Ultra Flat Tourbillon.

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MasterGraff Ultra Flat Tourbillon

Sophisticated and Efficient

This striking watch is more practical than previous models but no less exceptional. Graff took the “less is more” approach and it has worked. The timepiece is neither too clunky nor too flashy. It has a quiet, confident elegance and sophisticated look. The watch has a flying tourbillion visible through the dial which Graff claims is one of the thinnest available on the market. A team of Graff specialists spent over three years developing and perfecting the design of the MasterGraff Ultra Flat Tourbillion.


Graff’s Artisanal Perfection of Luxury Watches

Graff crafts its watches in Geneva. This contemporary city is in the center of Swiss horology and fine-watchmaking. Graff blends its experience with fine jewelry and the best watchmaking in the world. The result is unparalleled quality, beauty and craftsmanship. The Graff watch collection is segmented into the Technical, Dress, Sport and Bespoke product lines. Regardless of the time or occasion, Graff has the perfect luxury watch for you.

Luxury Watches in South Florida

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Graff is synonymous with excellence and fine-watchmaking. The MasterGraff Ultra Flat Tourbillion is sophisticated, efficient and tasteful. Graff 2013 watches exemplify class and practicality.