/A Dozen Questions with D&D: Gregory Kay Estate & Antique Jewelry
Antique Diamond brooch

A Dozen Questions with D&D: Gregory Kay Estate & Antique Jewelry

Welcome back for another rousing rendition of a dozen questions with Designers & Diamonds! Where I attempt to be cool and ask rapid fire jewelry questions to the wonderful dealers at the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show. Today I’m sharing this gem of an interview with Gregory Kay of Gregory Kay Estate & Antique Jewelry. A fellow Chicagoan, he shared his booth with the creator of this jaw dropper:

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut with Half Moons
Remember Me? Fancy yellow by Diamond House

But Gregory Kay estate jewelry holds its own too: check out this gorgeous brooch he was inspecting when I strolled over.

Antique Diamond brooch at Gregory Kay Estate & Antique Jewelry

Needless to say, the man has an eye for antiques – and he’s got the experience to back it up. I also spotted a gorgeous, Great Gatsby inspired pearl scarf necklaceAntique Pearl necklace Great Gatsby Style Gregory Kay AntiquesAnd a stunning antique amethyst necklace – rich, deep Russian amethysts more the color of violet than the warm purples you see in modern jewelry.

Antique Russian Amethyst Necklace Enjoy his quick wit and great answers – thank you Gregory for taking the time to chat with me!