/Happy 3rd of July!

Happy 3rd of July!

It’s 4th of July Weekend! And while every sunny summer Friday in Chicago inexplicably means no work for anyone with a boat, this Friday it seems like everyone is playing a game of sanctioned hooky. But there ain’t no rest for the sparkly, so I’m wrapping up this work week before I celebrate Merica’s B-Day tomorrow! Which is lucky for you because I’ve rounded up your weekend essentials – it’s not too late to scoop them up today before stores close. The ideal Independence Day celebration involves a few elements:

Wardrobe: denim cutoffs or a sweet patriotic dress. Preferably maxi, but that’s just me, because I enjoy looking full glam while feeling like I’m wearing a yoga pants tuxedo.

Beverage: beer for the marathoners, summer-appropriate themed cocktails for the late afternooners.

Setting: Body of water – pool, “beach” (Oak Street), real beach (Florida), kiddie pool inflated on your rooftop. Said rooftop comes in handy later for


Food: All out smorgasbord of Merican favorites, cooked over open flame with little regard for fire safety, like our founding fathers would have wanted. (Kidding. Please grill responsibly.)

Music: Tom Petty, Topsify Country playlist, Lynyrd Skynyrd, absolutely no Chris Brown whatsoever, no Sam Smith, One Direction, or Adele (sorry England, not today.) Plenty of Beyonce, Taylor Swift to taste.

Patriotic Punch   Coconut Blueberry Sparkler  Jorts  Mouthwatering Cheeseburger   Star Spangled Cherry Pie Bites   Merica aviators  Star Spangled Sandals   American Flag Bikini  Requisite Lilly Dress  Bling

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