/A History of Hermes

A History of Hermes

No other fashion brand epitomizes success and luxury quite like Hermes. The brand has endured for over 175 years by turning trends into icons.  For many, Hermes is more than another designer bag or scarf, it’s an experience and a statement. So why is Hermes the most covetable fashion brand and what are the must-have pieces?

Hermes Enamel Cuff

Founded in 1837 in Paris by Thierry Hermes, the brand got its start by handcrafting fine leather goods. But, the items they were known for at the time were a far cry from the handbags we know today. For over 80 years, Hermes specialized in equestrian good, such as bridles, harnesses, and, eventually, saddles. Thanks to exceptional quality, Hermes boasted most of the European royalty among it’s clients, including Napoleon III.

It wasn’t until 1922 that the brand switched its focus and introduced its first range of handbags. Gaining in popularity, the brand released a fashion line in 1929 and soon became the status symbol that it is today. During the 1970s the brand expanded again into a fashion powerhouse featuring scarves, perfume, tableware and crystal.

Today, Hermes is one of the most valuable fashion brands. Thanks to unequal craftsmanship and time-honored style, each piece from the line stands beautifully to wear and vintage pieces look just as fashionable as they did fresh off the shelf.

Must Have Hermes

Kelly Bag: This icon design was first developed as a saddlebag and was redesigned and released as a handbag in the 1930s.  The bag soared in popularity in 1954 when Grace Kelly’s character carried it in the film “To Catch a Thief.” The actress loved the bag so much that she began to carry it herself and was eventually photographed with it as a pregnant princess of Monaco. In 1977 the bag was renamed in her honor, bur retained it’s trapezoid classic shape and style.

Pre Owned Hermes So Kelly 26
Pre Owned Hermes So Kelly 26

Birkin Bag: Everyone remembers when Kim Kardashian carried a Birkin bag hand painted by daughter, North. Happily, not every version of the classic bag features toddler finger painting. The bag got its start in 1984 when English actress, Jane Birkin, sat next to a Hermes designer on a plane. After the actress complained that it was hard to find a large leather bag suitable for traveling, he designed one for her. Today, the bag is available in six sizes and a rainbow of colors.

Silk Scarves: Now available in hundred is patterns and designs, Hermes scarves have their roots in the brands equestrian history with silk jockey jackets providing the inspiration.  Each year roughly 20 new designs are introduced. Independent artists from around the world are commissioned to create the designs which may also be used in clothing and home goods. From engraving the printing block to approving shades, over 800 hours goes into creating each design before it is printed into the scarves. These high-quality scarves are instantly recognizable and can be worn around the neck, tied to handbags or over the hair.

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