/Spotlight On: Jemma Wynne Bangles

Spotlight On: Jemma Wynne Bangles

Designer Jemma Wynne began her business with the intention of creating versatile jewelry for women who want a sophisticated look but want to look casual while wearing it. They define their design in a more succinct way at the company that may better show what they are going for: the cashmere hoodie. It shows that whoever is wearing it is wealthy, but also like being comfortable and subtly casual. To do this, Jemma Wynne uses the finest gemstones with a wide color palette and the finest possible workmanship. It is a combination of relaxed femininity and classic polish with the style of a fifth avenue luxury brand of jewelry.

Jemma Wynne Bangles by @NecessaryExcess
a fabulous stack of Jemma Wynne bangles via one of our favorite IG accounts @NecessaryExcess

There is a surprising amount of unique detail in all of the Jemma Wynne pieces, allowing each piece to stand alone. That said, pieces also work together in a layered mix, allowing multiple pieces to be worn at once to give a truly casual and elegant look. Much of the stones used in Jemma Wynne jewelry consists of black and white diamonds, luscious tourmalines, sapphires and other semi-precious stones. There is a constant mix of precious stones and semi-precious stones, creating jewelry that looks luxurious and also natural, elegant yet chic all at the same time. In short, Jemma Wynne allows those who wear her stones to enjoy luxury without being over the top about it.

Jemma Wynne Fall bangles
via @JemmaWynne

Most of the collections from Jemma Wynne consist of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Within all of these collections there is a similar theme of gold workmanship that supports the precious and semi-precious stones, often surrounded by small diamonds of different colors. Pearls have also made regular appearances in Jemma Wynne pieces, adding to the diversity of the luxury in the already diverse luxury jewelry line. Due to the reliability of Jemma Wynne’s pieces being something that women can wear in just about any setting, as well as collections on a regular basis that flaunt elegance and hipness all at the same time, the pieces are regularly covered in some of the top fashion magazines worldwide.

Blue Jemma Wynne Bangles by @Ylang23
Blue Jemma Wynne Bangles by @Ylang23

Publications that have featured Jemma Wynne range between In Style to W to Brides to In Design, making the people who pay attention to the craftsmanship of this designer as diverse as the jewelry itself. Jemma Wynne also regularly has trunk shows, sometimes multiple times a month in various parts of North America. These locations range from gallery spaces in New York City to stores in Memphis and Puerto Rico to various locations in San Marino and Pacific Palisades in the western area of Los Angeles. You can sign up through the website to get updates about these trunk shows directly from Jemma Wynne so you can be in the know as to when they are coming to your area. For purchasing Jemma Wynne pieces, there are various luxury jewelry stores all over the world who sell their work. These are select retailers in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, Puerto Rico and the nation of Kuwait. These locations, combined with the travelling trunk shows make Jemma Wynne a luxury jewelry designer you have to seek out.