/Thirsty Thursday: Lollipop + Lemon Drop + Lime Coat

Thirsty Thursday: Lollipop + Lemon Drop + Lime Coat

Whew, today’s happy hour is a doozy. I’m mixing lemon and lime with my favorite lollipop flavor – Ippolita. Ippolita is having a moment, and arguably started off the slice jewelry trend a few years ago. We still aren’t purchasing many pieces from their Lollipop collections, and that means it’s still hot hot hot – typically I’ll start noticing more and more of a certain style or “it piece” in the showcases as its popularity wanes and the owners sell to RLJ or come in to trade for something new. So current Ippolita pieces are diamonds in the rough at RLJ. Diamonds in the diamonds might be more accurate, but really, I’ve already lost myself with this train of thought. I need a drink. And luckily I now know how to make the perfect lemon drop martini, thanks to A Southern Fairy Tale. Leave it to a Southern girl to perfect the recipe – lemon drops are a necessity in Deep South summers. When it’s too hot to move, you want something that’s ice cold, brightly refreshing, and a little sweet (too much sugar will attract the mosquitos.) And while summer is a distant memory for this Midwestern transplant, I can still combine one of my old favorite with one of my new favorites: STATEMENT COATS! If you’re ever in Chicago and see someone sticking out like a tropical bird in a sea of North Face, come say hi, it’ll be me. From ridiculously impractical neon Hunter boots to walking coats in every jewel tone, I really love keeping a little bit of Florida near me in the colorless Chicago winters. It’s also impossible for me to get all the dog hair off of black clothing so it has the added benefit of making me look more put together. Bonus! So, in combination of many things I love, today let’s toast with a lemon drop, wearing a Lollipop, and donning a limey coat.

Vodka, lemon juice, and the real deal lemon drop make this perfect.

A gorgeous mix of high and low – Celine bag mixed with Mango jeans and a Topshop coat. Round of applause.

Ippolita Sterling Silver Clear Quartz Rock Candy Lollipop Ring

This ring features a big checkerboard cut clear quartz set in lightly hammered sterling silver. It’s from the Rock Candy Lollipop collection and is a fabulous ring that adds sparkle but not too much to distract from any major fashion pieces (like a bright green coat). And at $395 it’s a great price for a designer piece you’ll have forever.