/Lilly For Target Failure? Fret Not

Lilly For Target Failure? Fret Not

So. That was…intense. I haven’t felt an adrenaline rush like that since my last Chanel eBay auction. Several of my friends compared Pink Sunday to their Black Friday experiences past. It was exhilarating, at times frustrating, but in the end, all worth it. Of course I’m talking about a limited edition designer collection of luridly colored clothing for an upscale discount megastore, is there anything else that warrants this much discussion? Kidding, but in all seriousness this is a place where fluff demands discussion, so discuss we shall. No snobbery about how you’re better than Lilly for Target allowed here, this post is designed to solve a problem that oh, 90% of shoppers excited for this launch now face.

If you are one of the thousands of disappointed, angry shoppers who watched their wish list sell out in minutes online, this is for you. If you arrived at your Local Target at 7:45 only to grab the 75th spot in a line snaked through the parking lot, this is for you. If you watched helplessly as a woman in a Lilly popover and Lulu tennis skirt bought ALL OF THE PILLOWS, this is for you. I tweeted a few consolation pro-tips, to commiserate with Lilly Lovers who didn’t get everything (or anything!) on their wish list. Let me expound…

1. Remember shoppers have a 14 day return policy.

This is considerably less than Target’s typical 30 day policy. So shoppers who blindly grabbed everything and anything they could, or women who nabbed a size up or down, hoping they could make it work, have only two weeks to return the items they aren’t keeping. This also means that ladies who arrived home to try everything on, or lined up all their goodies for a Instagram Haul shot, have had roughly 24 hours to contemplate the three or four figure number at the end of their receipt. Once the shopper’s high wears off, some of us need to return some of the less “necessary” goods. My Little hopped back to 3 Targets around the city after her initial 8am spree, to return a few things (she realized she didn’t need all three sizes of the cosmetic cases in her fave pattern.) She spotted a few other early returns, though reported that Target staff wouldn’t let her pillage those piles just yet. Check back and check often at your local Target, one women’s too small Nosie Posey shift is another’s treasure.

2. Ready to look beyond retail? Check Facebook Lilly groups before eBay.

If you’ve exhausted your options and you need those pom pom shorts, dammit, don’t check eBay or Poshmark first. Check Facebook. There are several Lilly groups, (Re-Lilly is a great one) that list product at or close to retail. These groups are run by and made up of Lilly Lovers, most of whom adamantly adhere to Lilly rules of conduct. Those include a lot of smiling, being ladylike, inclusive, and decidedly non-fighting-over-starfish-sandals-esque. So you’re more likely to find a girl to buy from at a fair price, or do an even trade. And you’re not supporting those repugnant creatures trying to turn a profit on eBay (Tumblr’s #lillyfortarget tag might be a tad dramatic at this time.)

3. Check eBay for Lilly Proper (clothing.)

If you’re drawn to the eebs like the moth to a flame (same) try searching for Lilly Pulitzer proper first. I was marveling at the insane auction prices for some of the Lilly for Target pieces yesterday, and accidentally found and purchased a gorgeous, worn once Janice shift in a grail print of mine, for $65. Right after I watched a Lilly for Target maxi sell for $125. That’s just madness – unless you’re a collector or you have longed for a specific piece from the collection, buy the real thing! I understand the accessories that Lilly doesn’t usually make commanding more than retail, but not more than full price Lilly items (looking at you, weekenders.)

4. Don’t pay more than $75

If you do have a specific piece in mind (you’re not just caught up in the rush) and you’re determined to own it, and eBay is your only hope, be realistic. Paying more than $75 for something that retailed for $26 is nuts. Don’t get blinded by the cute commercials. This obviously doesn’t apply to the things that cost more than that, like the hammock or beach chairs. But it would still sting me to pay more than double the retail, let alone triple.

5. Know when to admit defeat (for now.)

Sometimes, you just need to throw in your boring, non-My-Fans emblazoned beach towel. And that’s okay. You mix yourself up one of these, think of all the money you saved, and chalk this up as experience. You now have a solid 4 months to dwell on your defeat. To plot. To train. And to come back, ready for the After Party sale armed with your iPad, your desktop, your iPhone, and membership in several Lilly hunting Facebook groups. The low-priced patterns will be yours, come hell or high tide. Insert evil laugh.

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