/It’s Official: Google is on the Smartwatch Bandwagon

It’s Official: Google is on the Smartwatch Bandwagon

Samsung and many other companies have already tried their hand at creating smart watches. There are tons of watches out there that are geared toward connecting all facets of your life and making things easier. Be it watches that are made to monitor your heart rate, how much you exercise, or to chart your progress with a fitness program, there is most likely a watch to fit your needs.

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This year Google has jumped on the wagon and created their own version of the smartwatch. Google confirmed that they are indeed jumping into the market with a preview of their newest technology. The watch, which will be picked up by the Fossil Group for development, is slated to be one of the most innovative watches have hit the market so far. The Android Wear watch is an extension of the current Google Android technology that many already use and love. The watch is a wearable version of the technology that just about everyone is familiar with. Google has worked to quickly pair with large companies like Fossil, Motorola, and LG to insure that the product they introduce is as beautiful as it is functional.

According to Google, the first Android Wear product will be watches because they are wearable and easy to access for just about any user. Smartwatches that are offered through Google will give wearers info and notifications for most of their android applications. This will also allow users to use voice commands for things like texting, calling a cab, or making reservations. This product will also offer remote access to other devices like televisions and phones that have been configured.

Google announced that they are already in working with the companies they have partnered with to get the product out as quickly as possible. Suppliers like Asus, LG, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung are already helping out on the project to get the most of the product. The product is very well researched and is well on its way to being a fantastic product overall that is sure to get the customers ready and going. Google is also pairing with some of the most innovative microchip manufacturers to insure that the technology being released is as advanced as possible.

The watch is said to be sleek, beautiful, and fantastic for anyone that wants to get the most out of their android technology and what it represents. Though it may seem that a watch is something that may not be all that useful in the world of Android technology, this watch is said to be a great product that is going to make some real waves. This watch is going to help make using your android products far easier to use and even more fun to use overall. There are not all that many images on the market so far but there is plenty of talk.

Though there is no real release date in talks right now, there is sure to be more information released soon about this great new product. Google may have waited quite a while to get with the program, but they are taking the time to be sure that the product the release is a fair rival to other smartwatches that are already on the market.