/Just Right Spessartite

Just Right Spessartite

Spessartite garnets are some of the most vibrant, beautiful gems, and catch your attention like no other. They’re relatively uncommonly seen in jewelry – most garnets are the better known shade of deep red – so when you do see them, it’s a treat. They’re much brighter than other orange gems like citrine or even the exceedingly rare orange diamond. They’re closer to the color of fire opals, but obviously a totally different gem family (they’re a variant of garnet, like tsavorite.) Spessartite garnets have been growing in popularity, and Tiffany & Co. incorporated the gem into a few kew pieces of the 2013 Blue Book collection. Now that we’re nearing the end of 2014, the trend has continues, withs several other luxury brands starting to use the fiery stone (plenty of which made me drool, thanks to JCK’s curated trend collection early this year.)

This is the aforementioned Tiffany piece that got the party started. The Seurat Bangle features spessartites, tsavorites, yellow sapphires, diamonds and fancy sapphires set in a wide 18kt white gold cuff. The bang;e pays tribute to Post-Impressionist painter Georges-Pierre Seurat, who created the pointillism technique. His painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884–1886)created Neo-Impressionism.

Another Tiffany creation, these large oval spessartites are suspended in white gold and white diamond scroll work drops. The 2013 collection saw lots of scrollwork from Tiffany, recalling its Victorian beginnings.

This ring, a mix of spinel, diamonds and yellow gold surrounding a cushion shaped spessartite, sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong for 687,500 HKD.

Omi Prive is known for their colorful designs, and this jaw dropping 9.40 carat cushion cut spessartite garnet is no exception. Set in 18kt pink gold with 1.04 carats of round brilliant white accent diamonds, it’s the ideal cocktail ring.

Another spessartite garnet creation by Omi, these earring just further prove how adept they are at working with bright gems, and this one in particular. They’ve paired the bright orange cushion cuts – perfectly matched with round brilliants – again with white diamond accents, but used 18kt yellow gold this time. The consistency in warmth is a great contrast with the clean white diamonds, and the mixed shapes add plenty of interest.