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Officina Bernardi Moon Cut Bead Station Tassel Necklace

No Hassle Tassel Jewelry

TASSELS! That’s right, this fun fringe means you can tie them on drawer handles, trim Ikea curtains with them so they look super fancy, they’re easy to make yourself, and they often come in leather. I’m a big fan. And this spring, there’s no hotter way to wear the tassel trend than on yo’ jewelry. It all started, as a jewelry trend blog post is wont to do, with a Tumblr post:

And today, for Cyber Monday, Raymond Lee Jewelers is offering plenty of special tasseled goodness for 40% off, thanks to Italian design house Officina Bernardi.

Officina bernardi rose gold tassels

Officina has this amazing technique that creates what they can Moon Beads. These tiny, faceted balls cast light around like diamonds, and add so much sparkle and lightness to every Officina Bernardi piece.

Officina Bernardi Moon Cut Bead Station Tassel NecklaceOfficina Bernardi Moon Cut Bead Station Tassel Necklace

Pieces like this gorgeous tassel bead necklace are the perfect addition to any outfit. And at only $275 (less 40% if you shop today!) they’re priced the same as Tory Burch, Kate Spade, etc. Except these have a special touch.

Officina Bernardi Yellow Gold Tassel necklace

Every Officina Bernardi piece is sterling silver, and plated in platinum and gold (yellow, white, or rose.) So unlike other high end fashion jewelry, it will never tarnish. It’s a trendy, fashion look, with high end costume pricing, but all the longevity of fine jewelry.

Tiffany Fringe Necklace
via Raymond Lee Jewelers

And if you prefer your tassels to be a more abstract, flatter interpretation, consider this Tiffany pendant. I might be stretching – it’s more fringe than tassel if we’re getting specific – but it’s perfect for those whose tastes don’t skew quite so boho. Also available: the matching earrings.

Tiffany Fringe Earrings
via RLJ

Would you rock out with the tassel trend? If this jewelry can’t convince you, I don’t know what can – but in case you need more persuading, allow me to direct your attention to some more tasseled goodness. So don’t be hassled – time to don a tassel. I’ll leave you with that precious rhyme.