/Thirsty Thursday: Your Lips Taste Like Sangria

Thirsty Thursday: Your Lips Taste Like Sangria

Ah, sangria. That most perfect vehicle for day-time wine drinking. That epitome of grown up juice. That classiest of liquids you can imagine drinking from a solo cup. Whether you’re at a backyard barbecue or a cozied-up hayride, sangria is the ideal early fall drink.

It’s warming in a way that won’t overheat you (save the bourbon for December, y’know?) It’s a fantastic way to use up the 10 pounds of apples you accidentally purchased at the store (and really, something needs to wash down all that pie, applesauce, etc.) And, if you’re into this type of thing – which you almost certainly are if you’re reading this blog – it pairs well with your fall fashion color palette.

Rich burgundy nails and tan suede, plus your favorite plaid scarf, just look right with a glass of red sangria in your hand. And all the better with a beautifully coordinated cocktail of a different kind.

Temple St. Clair heart ring

This fabulous Temple St. Clair ring is cheeky with its sweet heart shape, but rich thanks to its 18 karat gold mounting. I love the smooth rhodolite garnet center stone, and how it contrasts the rustic chunky scrollwork on the shank (both sides and the bottom.)

Yellow Gold Heart Ring by Temple St. Clair

This ring is interesting in a classic, vintage way. It could easily pass as a treasured bauble from your childhood, or a gift from Bubbeh. Its designer distinction makes it a collectible, but its inherently sentimental air is just so fitting for fall (when I traditionally like to convert my entire wardrobe into a Tommy Hilfiger/Ralph Lauren ad and pretend I’m heading off to boarding school.)

Yellow gold heart ring

This one two-punch calls out for a dash of color that won’t attempt (and fail) to rival the splendor of the fall foliage all around. Or, you know, if you’re in South Florida the splendor of hurricane season. What I’m saying is, you need a blanket scarf. Even if it is 78 degrees.

I got a great one last year at Target, and they do have a few more this year, though not in the exact color way I bought. That one was a dead-ringer for the Zara plaid blanket scarf seen on every fashion blogger this side of Instagram.

My favorite one I’ve seen so far this year is by Grace & Lace, of Shark Tank fame. They added toggles for even more ease of styling variety – though if you already own one similar to this please don’t be afraid to substitute a toggle for a fabulous vintage brooch!

So mix up a pitcher of this delicious fall sangria recipe, get thee a plaid scarf, and comb every and any jewelry box (or online store;) for a just-so vintage ring that will bring out the best colors of this season’s wardrobe.

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