/10 Easy Ways To Update Your Jewelry Wardrobe (Without Breaking The Bank)

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Jewelry Wardrobe (Without Breaking The Bank)

Having an up to date and glamorous jewelry collection is something that most women only dream of, despite what you may have seen on Tumblr. Buying new pieces each time something comes on trend is not often possible unless you’ve got a bottomless bank account. Nor is running to your favorite jeweler every time you have a new event (or outfit). Keeping the classic staples handy is always a good idea – you can build up your collection over time, then use these pieces as the foundation for your jewelry ensemble. A solid core of jewelry must-haves (think pearls, diamond studs) allows you to look poised and polished, the addition of a crazy, fun and trendy costume piece is easy to rotate in – and out. There are ten pieces you can purchase to keep your wardrobe on trend without having to buy tons of expensive pieces. Remember – the best jewelry collections are built over time. You should never run out and purchase everything at once (even if you can afford it.) A good jewelry collection is just that – collected. Hopefully with love, care & the thrill of the hunt. Every time you wear your favorite bracelet you might just remember it was a gift to yourself for your first promotion, making it even more special. If you can’t afford the perfect piece, it’s best to just wait until you can. If you’re the impatient type (preach), you can always use fun, inexpensive costume jewelry as a place holder.

10. Bangles- having a jazzy bangle is the first and best way to keep your jewelry collection up on trends. Bangles come and go in terms of popularity and having one piece that can be paired with several other pieces is a great way to make a statement and update your collection. You can layer in the crazy trends by purchasing inexpensive pieces from Etsy & mall stores (remember a few years ago when friendship-style bracelets were all the rage? Aren’t you glad you didn’t spend $100 on one? Sorry if you did.) Keep it classic, and think about a thin bangle in either silver, white gold or yellow gold.

David yurman cable
This David Yurman bangle is $595 – nothing to sneeze at, but priced below retail & a classic style you’ll wear for decades.

9. Statement Necklace- another piece that is a must have is a loud and bold necklace. This piece can be paired with just about any fashion trend to make for a great statement and for a great look overall. A perfect place to have some fun & shop costume – Bauble Bar, Kate Spade’s sale section & eBay are some of my go-to sources.

8. Cocktail Rings- these pieces are perfect for just about any occasion and can again be paired with a great deal of outfits and other jewelry pieces. Cocktail rings are also a great way to make a bold statement without spending tons of money on pricey rings. Your cheapest option is to raid Grammy’s jewelry box (with permission, of course.) The next best thing is shopping in RLJ’s Bubbie’s Case. It’s vintage cocktail ring heaven.

Blue Topaz Ring
Huge blue topaz & diamond ring

7. Diamond Studs- these classic earrings are never out of style and are great for those that want a piece that is going to be classy and pair well with other pieces. Because these are often understated, they can be dressed both up and down making them a great pairing piece.

Martini set diamond studs
.75ctw diamond studs set in white gold for $395

6. Vintage Pieces- another great option is of course purchasing vintage pieces. These are always in style and are easy to come by in second hand shops and at yard sales and on sites like eBay. Buying vintage is a great way to always be on trend.

Vintage gold panther ring with emeralds rubies and diamonds

5. Bright Colors- investing in a few different pieces that are brightly colored is a great way to stay on trend but not break the bank. You should stick to a few smaller pieces like a bracelet or a necklace to get on the color trend without revamping your entire wardrobe.

Radiant Orchid Ring
Radiant Orchid, anyone?

4. Rose Gold- rose gold is always on trend no matter the season, the year, or the decade. This metal is delicate and soft, bold and flashy, and incredibly beautiful and a great investment for years to come.

Officina Bernardi Rose gold and sterling silver ring
Officina Bernardi Silver and 18kt Rose Gold Plated Moon Cut Bead Ring

3. Pearls- a great strand of pearls is another investment that will stand the test of time. Pearls are always a great addition to both classy and dressy outfits and casual outfits that need a bit of flare.

Pearl Studs
Perfect Pearl Studs

2. Simple Chains- having a few different options when it comes to simple chains is another great way to update your collection. Being able to change out chains with your favorite pendants is a great way to freshen up a look without splurging.

two tone chain
Two Tone Ball Chain

1. One High Quality Piece- every jewelry collection should have at least one high price piece that can break the bank. This could be a gemstone ring, a pricy pendant, or even a tennis bracelet. Investing in one pricy piece not only gives you pride, it also gives your collection a focal point.

Gold tennis bracelet
18k Yellow Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet