tacori engagement rings

Diamond Upgrade Program

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is pleased to announce our lifetime Diamond Upgrade Program for loose diamonds purchased in store or online. When you purchase your diamond  from Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we not only offer a lifetime warranty, but we offer a lifetime commitment. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we offer a credit of 100% back on the original purchase of your diamond towards any future upgrade. Trade up to any size, quality or shape diamond you have always longed for. (Restrictions may apply)

This offer stands for a lifetime, come in at anytime after purchase to receive a 100% credit towards any diamond. You only pay the difference, so you never loose out on your original investment. (Restrictions may apply)

Protect your current investment – and those in the future – by purchasing your jewelry through Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Our lifetime diamond upgrade policy applies to undamaged diamonds. (Restrictions may apply)

An investment now is also an investment in your future with Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Our 100% back program, our team of diamond advisers, diamond experts, and on-site master jewelers mean a quick and easy way to upgrade your diamond ring, at any time. (Restrictions may apply)

tacori engagement rings

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