/Victorian Wedding Bracelets

Victorian Wedding Bracelets

Humans like traditions, but weddings seem to carry more traditions with it than any other human customs. Wedding traditions and etiquette have certainly changed over the centuries, but some traditions have stood the test of time. All brides to be are familiar with the “something old” custom. A fun way to incorporate something old into your wedding day is to dip into some of the wedding customs from the past.

Ruby Lane Victorian Wedding bracelets
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The Victorian era put great emphasis on weddings. Because women did not hold jobs at this time or function much outside of their homes, a girl spent all of her teenage years being groomed for her wedding day. So much focus was put on weddings that this was a golden period for wedding customs to evolve. One such tradition from the Victorian period was the Victorian wedding bracelet. Victorian wedding bracelets were a tradition from centuries ago in which a groom would present a bride with one of a set of bracelets to be worn at the beginning of their engagement. It was a great source of pride for the newly engaged girl to show off her wedding bracelet. The other bracelet was to be put on the day of her wedding. The bracelets were usually a wide golden band with some type of engraving on it. Women would often pass the bracelets down from daughter to daughter.

Belle and Bird Victorian Wedding Bracelets
Belle and Bird Victorian Wedding Bracelets

If you are not fortunate enough to have a set of these bracelets floating around your family heirlooms, many brides will simply purchase an antique set. This gives you the opportunity to have a really cool “something old” element to your wedding. It may also give you the chance to start your own tradition with your own daughters in the future.

Antique 14kt gold VIctorian Wedding Bracelet
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Another popular use of Victorian wedding bracelets is using them in vintage wedding themes. Brides have often incorporated themes into their weddings, but recently the “vintage” theme has grown in popularity. Not only are brides on the hunt for vintage style dresses, but you must have vintage jewelry to match. Victorian wedding bracelets are a great addition to a vintage style wedding.